Our Chef Sajid Akhtar has over 30 years of experience. We at Speciality restaurants have been bringing you irresistible flavors that whet your palate, across cuisines. Enrich your senses with Certified Zabiha Halal Pakistani and Indian authentic cuisine from Punjab. We are serving various  authentic Pakistani and Indian cuisine, that includes Hot Soups and Side Orders, Hot Appetizers, Rice Specialties, Vegetarian Specialties, Tandoori Specialties, Bihari Kebab, Lamb chop , Lahori Charga and Tandoori Fish.  Goat Paya, Nihari, Chicken Haleem, Murgh Pillaf, Hyderbadi Biryani, Seafood Specialties, Chicken Specialties, and Lamb Specialties. Also for this Buford location we only specialize in buffet only anything off a menu is strictly carry-out.


Established in 2011

As the influence of the British in India grew, so did the interest in Indian food back in Britain, leading to the publishing of recipes and the commercial creation of curry powder in 1780. The first appearance of curry on a menu was at the Coffee House in Norris Street, London in 1773 but the first establishment dedicated to Indian cuisine was the Hindostanee Coffee House at 34 George Street, Portman Square, London in 1809 as recorded in The Epicure's Almanack. It was opened by Dean Mahomet (or Mohamed/Mahomed), from Patna, Bihar, India, via Cork in Ireland. He appreciated the interest in all things Indian and offered a house "for the Nobility and Gentry where they might enjoy the Hookha with real Chilm tobacco and Indian dishes of the highest perfection". Decor was very Colonial, with bamboo chairs and picture-bedecked walls, and it proved to be well received. As with many 'coffee houses', however, it did not serve coffee, but was simply cashing in on a popular name of the time.